Flying Into the Jungle

In the middle seventies, a large American construction company sent me to The Darien Gap, where they were attempting the construction of the last highway link between North and South America.  The route crossed a jungle so remote, so difficult to tame, that the highway remains uncompleted to this day. You still can't drive between... Continue Reading →

Bargaining For a Better Ride

Protection from the sun is important for any motorcycle touring rider, but in Sri Lanka, it’s essential. Noses are particularly vulnerable to the equatorial sun, and without the benefit of a helmet visor, noses soon resemble sirloin, medium-rare. While renting the motorcycle for our Sri Lankan adventure, my wife Thea mentioned the lack of visors on... Continue Reading →

Travels With Frito: Introduction

Frito is a 2004 Mercedes Benz Sprinter. He's a European parcel delivery van and the perfect road trip vehicle. Frito and I have traveled the equivalent of six times around the world, nearly all of it in Western North America. This blog tells of some of our adventures in one of the most scenic areas in... Continue Reading →

Frito Comes Home

July 18, 2009 After several months searching I found my Sprinter. In response to an ad on eBay Motors, I sent a wad of money to "Trucks Only" in Mesa, Arizona, gathered up a few tools and flew from Western Canada to Arizona to see what I'd bought. This link leads to an Adobe Spark... Continue Reading →

The Shuttle Launch Road Trip

Less than a month into our relationship, Frito and I fulfill a childhood dream and travel diagonally across the continent to witness one of the last launches of the Space Shuttle. This link leads to an Adobe Spark, a self-contained web presentation.  It contains lots of images, so it might take a few seconds to... Continue Reading →

Sound Affects

In the wide-open spaces of the west, riding solo for hours at a time, your mind can wander. Tunes long forgotten will suddenly appear and you’ll find yourself singing some hit from decades past.  You can drift into fantasies of amazing complexity and clarity, all invoked by the drone of the engine, the whistle of... Continue Reading →

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