Buzzed By Fighters

They appeared at first as tiny, fast-moving dots on the distant horizon. They were too far away to identify, only a faint distant roar betrayed their presence in the otherwise-empty, silent desert valley. “Military”, I thought to myself.  “They must be military.  Nothing else would move that fast or fly that low.”I watched them for... Continue Reading →

The Alabama Hills

Near the town of Lone Pine, California are The Alabama Hills.  Even though you might never have been there, you've probably seen them many times. Those rocks in the image above have hidden many a gang of outlaws.  The Lone Ranger has ridden across those sage brushes in the foreground. The Cartwright family grazed their horses... Continue Reading →

Be Grateful

The miles unreeled effortlessly beneath my wheels.  Alone and running north in the blue pre-dawn, I mused on my good fortune. On this soft, warm morning, I could see forever. The interstate highway stretched away, an endless silver thread across the North Dakota landscape. Lush and green with late summer growth, my world was empty... Continue Reading →

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