Bargaining For a Better Ride

Protection from the sun is important for any motorcycle touring rider, but in Sri Lanka, it’s essential. Noses are particularly vulnerable to the equatorial sun, and without the benefit of a helmet visor, noses soon resemble sirloin, medium-rare. While renting the motorcycle for our Sri Lankan adventure, my wife Thea mentioned the lack of visors on... Continue Reading →

Sound Affects

In the wide-open spaces of the west, riding solo for hours at a time, your mind can wander. Tunes long forgotten will suddenly appear and you’ll find yourself singing some hit from decades past.  You can drift into fantasies of amazing complexity and clarity, all invoked by the drone of the engine, the whistle of... Continue Reading →

The Back Road to World’s End

Marco Polo called it “The finest island to sail on any sea” and, hundreds of years before him, the Chinese had called it “The Land Without Sorrow”. Today, we call it Sri Lanka. This 41,000 square mile island located off the southern coast of India is truly beautiful beyond comparison. It's also home to over... Continue Reading →

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